Business Credit Reports

Knowing more about your business prospects, customers and vendors helps you make more confident decisions and set terms that optimize profitability while minimizing risk.

We offer a full suite of solutions so you can choose the business credit report that best meets your needs.

Whether you need domestic or international business credit reports, MCB offers vast coverage and depth of information, through Experian Business IQ. Business IQ provides credit professionals with an integrated, easy to use, web-based interface to Experian information, including analysis and decisioning tools designed to maximize the benefits of the information across the lifecycle of your customers.

From verified business identities and detailed credit history to business owner and corporate linkage, Experian Business Credit Reports give you the deepest level of insight into the validity, financial stability and performance of more businesses.


What’s Inside Your Experian Business Credit Report

Experian business credit reports offer critical information about your business (and those you do business with). Here are some of the items you’ll find in our reports and how they can benefit you.

Business Background Information           Identify ownership, parent companies, and subsidiaries
Company Financial Information                 Assess credit risk of extending terms and determine appropriate credit levels
Credit Score and Risk Factors          Monitor existing customers’ ability to pay and adjust credit terms before problems arise
Banking, Trade, and Collection History    Gain insight into an account’s historical payment history
Liens, Judgments, and Bankruptcies   Quickly evaluate potential customers to avoid risky transactions
Uniform Commercial Code Filings    Determine your credit position relative to other creditors


Your single source online credit tool for Business Credit. The Information you trust to make sound Business Decisions is Experian’s Business IQ.

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Premier Profile
A comprehensive business report that is designed to help facilitate better decision making by highlighting the information contributing to a company’s overall risk potential.

Business Profile
Experian’s comprehensive business credit report that utilizes third-party, objective data to provide a complete view of your commercial customers and prospects.

Business Summary
Business Summary Report is a low-cost summarized credit report for low-balanced accounts (generally considered to be less than $1,000). The report analyzes the account’s current trade experiences, determines the presence or absence of collection data and derogatory public record filings, and then classifies the account into risk categories.

Supplier Profile
The freshest information on any supplier you need to research.

Intelliscore Plus
Use the Intelliscore when you want to improve decision turnaround times and increase productivity while reducing overall operational cost.

International Reports
Our resources provide database and freshly investigated credit information on public and private companies throughout the world. Data from over 230 countries with comprehensive content.

Canadian Reports

Experian’s Canadian Profile real-time reports offer comprehensive business credit data on more than 3.7 million companies.

Business TargetIQ is Experian’s new marketing platform that combines B2B marketing and credit risk data to deliver a powerful new approach to prospecting.

Business Owner Reports

Determine whether personal finances are supporting the business or vice versa. This report is critical in cases reliant on the principal’s resources for the credit decision.

  • Business Owner Profile
    Minimize risk when extending credit to small business owners.
  • Business Owner Background Report
    Expanded view of a business principal’s business and fraud risks.