Minimize your credit risks by reporting your commercial accounts receivable portfolio.

Experiencing risk is part of the business. We have something simple and effective you can do to help decrease credit risks for your company today. By simply reporting your commercial accounts receivable information to Experian, you can minimize the occurrence of late payments or defaults in your account base.

How will you benefit from reporting?

    • Better leverage in debt collection
    • Growth
    • Access to Experian’s Management Products
    • Product discounts


Experian’s Business Information Services maintains strict confidentiality standards designed to limit access to information, verify the integrity of new information and secure its privacy. Your company name is not revealed to other clients when they access Experian’s business products.

Decrease risk, gain leverage on slow and non-paying accounts and reward good customers simply by joining the thousands of other companies that report their commercial accounts receivable data.

Where does Experian get its information?

Experian collects credit obligation information from thousands of businesses nationwide. These businesses are typically the suppliers or lenders with which a company has existing financial relationships. 

Experian also collects legal filings from the various local, county and state courts across the United States. Company background information is collected from a variety of independent firms. Experian does not display information directly from a company about its business unless that information has been verified.


MCB will provide you with layout details, suited to your industry and forms to get started with this free service. Call 877-426-5265.