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Using the Right Tools and Information Is Crucial to Navigating Your Business Through the Changing Credit Landscapes

Business IQ – The Solution

BusinessIQ is the user-friendly, intuitive Web interface needed for today's economic challenges. We can help you advance your business by providing:

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Available through the Business IQ Portal

Experian Business Reports

BusinessIQ Premier Profile Report: BusinessIQ Premier Profile is a comprehensive business report that facilitates better decision making by supplying you with critical information needed for accessing credit risk and performing background checks. It provides "quick glimpse" views and comprehensive details related to business payment performance, public record history and background information so you can quickly and precisely determine the creditworthiness of a business.

Business Profile Report (BPR): Detailed report provides the information needed to make informed credit-granting decisions quickly and easily. Reports include current payment information, payment trending, public record information, company background information and financial information. Including: Corporate Record: Filings from all 50 states.

Small Business Credit Share (SBCS): With this report, Members get exclusive, expanded information that is deeper in content than what is available to standard Experian clients. SBCS is based on data reciprocity program representing B2B credit relationships in multiple industries including lines of credit, credit cards, loans, leases and other transactions.

Business Summary Report: a one-page report used for quick evaluation of low-balance transactions (generally less than $1,000). This allows you to match the appropriate credit assessment costs to the amount of the transaction risk.

Industry Trade Profile: Industry-specific business reports reduce the need for reference checking. To obtain industry trade profiles, companies must join an industry trade group and contribute their accounts receivable information to Experian.

International Profiles: provides information on businesses in every country in the world. Online access to records in the United Kingdom and most of Europe provides you the information you need immediately. International Developed Profile reports are researched and written at the time of your order and are delivered to you within 2 to 10 business days depending of the delivery selection.

Experian Business Owner Reports (FCRA and GLB Regulated)

Business Owner Profile (BOP): provides in-depth information on the proprietor's financial situation and is best used in conjunction with the Business Profile Report. Understanding how the proprietors handle their personal finances provides valuable insight on how they will likely handle their business finances. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations apply.

Business Owner Background Report: The Business Owner Background Report Suite provides unprecedented visibility into a business principals, owners, partners or key senior employee's relationships with current and former business interests. Combining Experian's robust consumer and commercial data assets with state-of-the-art analytics, it allows for a comprehensive evaluation of the fraud and credit risk associated with a business owner or principal and helps improve commercial collection efforts by identifying hidden assets and alternative contact locations. The Business Owner Background Report is available offline in batch and online through Business IQ, CPU and XML.

Experian Score Reports

Intelliscore Plus: Our one-page statistical score report uses past payment behavior to predict the likelihood of an account becoming delinquent. The report includes a summary of business information, key determining score factors and a score. When providing guarantor information at the time of inquiry, the report integrates both the business' and the business owner's credit history. Studies have shown that for small businesses, combined business and consumer data give a more complete representation of risk. FCRA regulations apply when purchasing blended information.

Small Business Credit ShareSM Financial Acquisition Score: The commercial credit score predicts the likelihood that a small-business applicant will become severely delinquent or chronically delinquent on a financial instrument such as a commercial credit card, an installment loan or a lease within the next 12 months. The highly predictive financial acquisition score allows Small Business Credit Share members to maximize their customer relationships by providing them with more attractive credit terms and limits. (Available only through data reporting with specific attributes present in file)

Automated Decisioning

DecisionIQ: provides instant credit decisioning and prescreening based on a powerful combination of business credit data and scores. Clients design decision matrices based on risk categories, balance ranges and commercial score ranges. These act as the foundation of the system, which returns real-time information and client-specified credit policy instructions.

Experian BizID

BizID: is a commercial fraud product intended to assess the fraud risk of small business applicants by offering business and/or business owner verification and scoring, GLB and FCRA based product options, and flexible decisioning capabilities. Draws on multiple Experian databases to identify potential fraud triggers on business and business principal application information. Reports can be purchased on the business only, on personal guarantors or both. Available via BizApps. Custom and batch solutions can also be made available upon request.

Account Monitoring Services

Alerts: The Alerts service is a highly customizable and flexible customer monitoring service that notifies you of changes to the credit profile of your customers.

Portfolio Scoring

Business Collection Suite

An easy to use, market differentiated product that provides researching capabilities through a detailed report on business contacts, locations, phone numbers, as well as a 90 day cross trade payment summary.

The Business Collection Suite also provides a new online interface that allows a customer to segment their portfolio, and automatically execute letter campaigns informing clients of their delinquent status. This online suite provides an easy way to supplement existing commercial collections activities with a low cost tool for account research and debt collection.

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