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Using the Right Tools and Information Is Crucial to Navigating Your Business Through the Changing Credit Landscapes

Commercial Scoring Products

Intelliscore Plus: Our one-page statistical score report uses past payment behavior to predict the likelihood of an account becoming delinquent. The report includes a summary of business information, key determining score factors and a score. When providing guarantor information at the time of inquiry, the report integrates both the business’ and the business owner’s credit history. Studies have shown that for small businesses, combined business and consumer data give a more complete representation of risk. FCRA regulations apply when purchasing blended information.

Financial Stability Risk Score:
Experian’s Financial Stability Risk ScoreSM provides critical insight on the potential of a business going bankrupt or defaulting on its obligations. It provides a quick assessment of risk with an easy-to-understand 1 to 100 percentile score and a 1 to 5 risk class that segment businesses into risk categories, with the highest risk in the bottom 10 percent of accounts.

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