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Using the Right Tools and Information Is Crucial to Navigating Your Business Through the Changing Credit Landscapes

Affiliates & Partners

Relationship building through our partners and affiliates is a crucial component in the life of today's businesses.

Below are some of the industry leaders in their respective fields. Whether a networking association or a vendor that has entrusted us to offer their services to the marketplace, we value these relationships. You can be guaranteed they all are experts in their areas of interest. The education and support we receive from these relationships is an important component in our services to our clients.

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MCB Merchants Credit Bureau Merchants Credit Bureau is a full-service credit reporting agency specializing in credit reporting services. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and support to our clients through the use of advanced technology and quality customer care.


As the leader in the industry, Experian® provides insights that help businesses target new markets, improve response rates and increase revenue. We maintain extensive credit databases to help businesses lend profitably and minimize credit risk. Our collections tools improve operational efficiencies and optimized debt recovery. Our data and analytics help companies maximize their marketing investments by communicating with customers more effectively. In addition,through our expertise, we help clients protect their assets with tools and insights that help prevent fraud.


NAPBS – National Association of Professional BackgroundScreeners Founded in 2003 as a non-profit trade association, NAPBS® serves to represent the interest of companies offering tenant, employment and background screening.NAPBS® offers an opportunity for qualified companies to participate in shaping the body of knowledge and regulations impacting our futures.


Led by ACA International, the credit and collection industry is well-respected by policy makers, business leaders and consumers.


The International Factoring Association's (IFA) goal is to assist the Factoring community by providing information, training, purchasing power and a resource for the Factoring community.

"Synergy" | Relevant to Today's Marketplace

If there is synergy between two or more organizations or groups, they are more successful when they work together than when they work separately.