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Using the Right Tools and Information Is Crucial to Navigating Your Business Through the Changing Credit Landscapes

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Experian's Data Quality

Data Reporting / Sharing

Commercial Trade Reporting

Minimize your credit risks by reporting your commercial accounts receivable portfolio.

Experiencing risk is part of business. We have something simple and effective you can do to help reduce credit risks for your company today. By simply reporting your commercial accounts receivable information to Experian, you can minimize the occurrence of late payments or defaults in your account base.

How will you benefit from reporting?

Your information is confidential!

Experian's Business Information Services maintains strict confidentiality standards designed to limit access to information, verify the integrity of new information and secure its privacy. Your company name is not revealed to other clients when they access Experian’s business products.



Company Name

Guarantor name/Owner


Guarantor Address

City, State, Zip

Guarantor City, State, Zip


Guarantor SS#

Date Account Opened

2nd Guarantor Name

Date Account Closed

If Closed, Reason Closed (list is Available)

Payment Terms

Type of Account ( Credit Card, Loan, Trade, (Acct. Rec.), Lease)


Date Payment is Due

Current & Future Balance

Status of Account (List is Available)

$ 1-30 Days Late

$ 91-120 Days Late

$ 31-60 Days Late

$ 121-150 Days Late

$ 61-90 Days Late

$ 151-180 Days Late

$ 91+ Days Late (if aging stops here)

$ 181+ Days Late

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